Q: Who are you guys?

A: We’re a small team based in Brooklyn, New York. And by small, we mean we’re two people who happen to be married and who are also creative directors.

Q: So, why The Lugger?

A: Like the majority of people in New York, we carry our lives with us most of the day for work, events, and anything in between. We were constantly in search for a good-looking tote bag that could fit everything we needed and because we both work in the creative field, that meant a lot of stuff. Like cameras, laptops, notebooks, to extra shoes, groceries, dry cleaning, stuff for our dog- you get the point. We were frustrated when we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, or if we found a tote style we liked, it was too delicate to handle lugging around all our stuff. So... we decided to make it ourselves. And voila, The Lugger was made. It lugs around all our things and it’s quickly become a favorite companion for everyday travel and road trips.

Q: Are you going to make anything else?

A: Absolutely! We have other things in the works but right now we're taking it slow to make sure we're only sending out things into the world that we really love.  Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll make sure to notify you on progress and when things are available.



Q: How much is shipping?

A: Standard shipping is free! Woo! This will generally take about 3-7 business days.


Q: Can I expedite shipping?

A: Yes, you certainly can. At checkout, everyone has the options to purchase USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) or USPS Priority Mail Express (overnight).


Q: Do you ship outside of the US?

A: Unfortunately, we currently don’t support international shipping.



Q: What if I want to return an item(s)?

A: We certainly want you to be happy with an ordered item but if any reason you’re not, we offer a 14 day return policy. Item must be in unused and undamaged condition. Return shipping cost will be your responsibility. You can fill out a contact form or email us and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

Q: How long does the refund take?

A: Give us 2-3 weeks. We’ll notify you when everything has been processed.


If you have any other questions, email us!